T’ pitch that had all pirates listenin’

Oct. 29, 2014

Our matey Petar Bojkov, COO, walked the plank and returned victorious today: Viblast has just won this year’s European Pirate Summit pitch competition.

Lucky as he is, he was the very last to pitch in the initial round, but he changed his fortunes soon enough. Here he goes:

Petar celebrates a pitch well-delivered.
Petar celebrates a pitch well-delivered.
Image by Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media © 2014 Dan Taylor - courtesy of European Pirate Summit

Our software solution enables the delivery of live high-definition video to any device and platform in a cost-effective and massively scalable way. The best part is how we do it: Viblast creates a P2P network among the viewers, distributing the bandwidth load among them, taking the strain off the single video source. The even better part is that neither the broadcaster nor the viewers need to download plug-ins or extra software to start using Viblast.

We really appreciate the Pirate Summit jury’s interest and belief in our company.

Oh, and just this last time: Arrr!