Join Viblast’s lead developers in Paris for a talk on WebRTC data channel

Dec. 12, 2014

WebRTC Conference 2014 is taking place in Paris next week (16-18 Dec), and two of our own will give a talk on the WebRTC data channel. Join Viblast’s Svetlin Mladenov, chief architect, and Nikolay Dimitrov, lead developer, on Day I: WebRTC Training (Dec 16, Tuesday) at 11:45 a.m.

Their presentation will cover WebRTC’s data channel from the different implementations it has for audio, video and data transfer to words of (moderate) wisdom based on our practical experience. Viblast relies on the data channel to enable the peer-to-peer (P2P) connections between viewers that form our peer-assisted delivery network (PDN). 

Nikolay and Svetlin will also discuss the uses of WebRTC in mobile (the WebRTC native library), again with examples from our real-world implementation in the Android and iOS Viblast mobile SDK.

If you are interested in this topic, but will not be able to attend WebRTC Conference 2014, feel free to get in touch or start a forum discussion. For the rest, see you in Paris!