Meet the world’s first P2P-capable HTML5 HLS/DASH player

Oct. 15, 2015

The latest release of Viblast Player makes it possible to enable hybrid delivery mode with just one line of code. This makes it the only HTML5 player capable of native HLS playback to also have a peer-assisted delivery feature.

Hybrid delivery mode for live streaming adds a P2P layer on top of any CDN or in-house streaming solution, essentially implementing Viblast PDN in an instant. It makes your streaming setup more robust in handling sudden changes in demand or network speed and improves viewer quality of experience. 

World’s first P2P-capable HTML5 HLS player

Switch on

Staying ahead of the curve in online video is a challenge, and we are dedicated to making it as straightforward as possible for our customers - naturally, within our realm of native HTML5 playback and peer-assisted delivery. We took to heart the suggestions for making Viblast PDN available through Viblast Player with just a switch. This switch is the new attribute data-viblast-enable-pdn and it is available to all users with a licensed Viblast Player ver.6.06 (the current release) or higher. Find out how to use it in our documentation.

This update not only gives all Viblast Player customers a month of complementary Viblast PDN optimization, but also a chance to experience the latest in video delivery technology with no extra effort or transactions. Yes, you don’t even need our help for this. Dream=”true”

When to use

For optimal results, enable this powerful solution when you expect at least 500 concurrent viewers (no upper limit - Viblast PDN can scale as much as needed) who are not too dispersed geographically. The P2P technology also works impressively well within managed networks (e.g. for enterprise video), making all-hands company meetings manageable for the streaming engineer instead of a nightmare. We do not recommend it for VoD streams unless they have very high concurrency.

Multicast delivery has long been regarded as the panacea of live video delivery; however, it remains unattainable. Hybrid delivery is the best alternative existing to date, so take this opportunity to see it for yourself. It is literally a minute away if you have a Viblast Player license.