Transitioning from Flash to HTML5 playback: where to start

Nov. 19, 2015

We recently outlined a quick and non-bumpy road to migrating from Flash to HTML5 playback using your HLS streams instead of the most obvious, direct way, which is adopting MPEG-DASH format.

If you have always streamed using some form of Flash playback, be it an off-the-shelf media player or a customized Flash player, the jargon of HTML5 playback may be a little off-putting. 

Few things are as annoying as reading an abbreviation-loaded article in a sphere you are just starting to explore. Still, before going into uncharted territory, why not look for a map first? Such a map was recently published and we feel pressed to share the URL.

  • If you are not entirely clear what the relationship between HTML5, MSE, EME, CENC and CDM is
  • If you are asking yourself what HLS and DASH do that progressive video standards cannot
  • If you want to know are the most important HTML5 player features to look for


  • If you want to see some of the important questions you should ask yourself before transitioning to HTML5 video playback

...then you should definitely take a look at the slides to Streaming Media West “Transition from Flash to HTML5” workshop kindly shared by Streaming Media Magazine writer and industry expert Jan Ozer on his blog.

And that’s not all! We managed to get hold of Jan Ozer shortly after his return from Streaming Media West and asked him to shed some light on the topics discussed during the workshop. We also found out what he got a kick out of during Streaming Media West 2015. The interview is going to be published in our next post, so come back soon.

If you have questions after reviewing the presentation slides, post them in the comments below!