Viblast customer portal ready for your streams

March 11, 2015

It is not enough to have a powerful technology, it needs to be user-centered as well: both easy to understand and easy to use and track results. That is why today we are thrilled to announce the Viblast Cloud Service Customer Portal!

Now you can sign up for your own Viblast account. It will grant you access to a single hub from which you will be able to: 

  • Test the technology safely before deploying it live
  • Setup your live-stream delivery with Viblast
  • View a single dashboard with all of your streams
  • Track performance (video analytics)
  • Download libraries
  • Review documentation 
  • Manage your customer account

Getting started

We also wanted you to be able to find your way around immediately, so we created the Viblast Wizard to expertly guide your first visit and show you the few simple steps needed to setup your peer-assisted delivery network (PDN). You can always refer to it later in setting up new streams, for your convenience.

One thing lead to another...

While working on the portal, we developed a number of other improvements we are also excited to announce. Our JS library is now served from the cloud so you no longer need to download and install Viblast on your station. 

We also needed a powerful visualization of our technology, to substitute the enthusiastic presentation we normally give to customers during personal meetings and calls, explaining how the peer swarm works together with the CDN / video server. This is how Swarm View was born, and is now available not only in the customer portal, but on our demo page for all to witness the inter-peer connections. Check it out, it’s beautiful.

Viblast PDN swarm

We encourage you to sign up and set up a stream with Viblast - you have all the tools you need within the portal: instructions, embed codes and documentation. Plus, we are always available to help. The exciting part is that our trial is unlimited and you can freely test Viblast in production with as large an audience you wish and see the full power of our solution. 

So, let’s play!

Your comments and suggestions regarding the helpfulness and usability of the portal are very welcome.