P2P delivery functionality for Wowza Streaming Engine

March 25, 2015

If you are using Wowza Streaming Engine, adding a P2P delivery layer to your setup has just become extremely easy.

With the newly released Viblast Wowza module, you can add the Viblast tracker to your streaming engine and turn your last-mile into an interconnected grid (swarm). By creating a P2P-assisted delivery network on top of your existing delivery infrastructure, you can expand your server’s capacity in the range of 20% to 70% with the added virtual traffic.

This self-hosted option will bring in all the benefits you can expect from the Viblast cloud integration: improved quality of service and viewer quality of experience, as well as reduced streaming costs. The main difference between the self-hosted Wowza integration and the cloud-based option is that the Wowza module is stripped of Viblast’s video analytics.

How it works in short: the connections between the viewers (peers) are built on top of the WebRTC technology. It allows two browsers (or enabled devices) to exchange data without plugins or third-party software to be installed by the end viewer. With the Wowza module, the tracker orchestrating the peer swarm is hosted in your Wowza Streaming Engine instead of on Viblast premises.

To download the Viblast Wowza module, sign up for Viblast and go to Account - Downloads
for a free one-month trial.

You can see the Wowza Streaming Engine forum thread here.