DRM-protected P2P streaming - a feature, not a paradox

April 22, 2015

Today we are proud to present the first collaborative project developed with our partner Axinom: support for P2P delivery of streams protected by a digital rights management solution (DRM) or multi-DRM. The DRM providers currently supported are Microsoft PlayReady and Google’s Widevine, or a multi-DRM solution combining the two

That is very exciting not only because we have added an important feature in collaboration with a new partner, but also because this feature says so much about peer-assisted delivery of video. 

We are all aware of the stigma over P2P solutions. For us personally it has been a challenge demonstrating that the Viblast peer-assisted delivery network (PDN) is legal and secure and does not belong to the domain of video piracy. The DRM support we have announced today makes a clear statement: Viblast is a technology targeting the needs of the content owner.

If you have any questions regarding how Viblast works with DRM-ed content, do not hesitate to get in touch, whether in the comments below or via any of the other available channels. To see it in action, take a look at the P2P delivery of DRM-protected video demo on our website.