Viblast joins Wowza Media Systems Technology Alliance

May 20, 2015

We are excited to announce that Viblast is now part of the Wowza Media Systems’ Technology Alliance partner program. Wowza is the leader and an innovator in video and audio streaming technology, and we are honored to be joining their partnership network.

Wowza Media Systems At Viblast, we are true Wowza aficionados. We have grown an appreciation for everything they do, from Wowza’s industry-transforming business model to the quality and utility of their solutions. Wowza Streaming Engine™ is also popular amongst our target markets, so it was logical to develop a Wowza module that quickly integrates our peer-assisted delivery functionality with a customer’s Wowza instance. The module essentially boosts streaming-server performance by turning the last-mile into an interconnected grid, bringing all the benefits of Viblast PDN to Wowza Streaming Engine.

We were already in communication with Wowza at the time we released the Viblast Wowza module and it piqued the interest of a number of members of their team. Ultimately, Viblast was invited to join the Tech Alliance.

“We are thrilled to welcome Viblast to our Technology Alliance partner program. They bring both creativity and innovation to peer-to-peer video streaming, and we are excited to see what the future holds with this partnership and the continuing evolution of their Peer-accelerated Delivery Network (PDN)” says Chris Cross, director of business development.

If you work with Wowza Streaming Engine, we invite you to run Viblast PDN on your streaming server and benefit from the technology fit and expanded capabilities of your infrastructure. 

Viblast Wowza module is available through the Viblast Customer Portal (registration required).


About Wowza Technology Alliance
Wowza's carefully selected Technology Alliance partners provide complementary products and services that, together with Wowza’s software, deliver innovative, best-of-breed solutions for a broad range of customers in many industries.

About Wowza Media Systems
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