New release: Viblast Player solves HLS & DASH playback in HTML5

May 5, 2015

Our team is proud to present Viblast Player, the Flash-less, plugin-free solution that enables playback of adaptive HLS and DASH playlists in HTML5 browsers. 

Viblast Player is one of the few solutions able to play adaptive-bitrate (ABR) streams without Flash or any other plugin in HTML5. Besides ABR playback, it handles encrypted HLS and DRM-protected DASH playlists. Viblast Player works with both live and on-demand video in modern browsers as well as Android and iOS mobile apps.

Viblast HTML5 Player Viblast Player is the product of over four years of work on over-the-top (OTT) video - the player we built to enable playback of modern video formats in modern browsers. In 2010, we started developing an efficient, future-proof method of video delivery. Today we are confident we have the answer: it is Viblast PDN, our peer-assisted video delivery technology. Throughout these years we have had to overcome a number of challenges, many of which related to playback. These challenges amounted, and so did the number of technical problems we solved, ultimately leading to the creation of Viblast Player.

The underlying problem

With the rapid evolution of both browsers and video formats, standard ways of supporting video playback in the browser have changed dramatically. HTML5’s video tag enabled in-browser video playback without the need for a custom player. However, it has a limitation: it  only supports the MP4 standard. Currently, the most widely used video streaming standard is Apple’s HLS and the most talked-about - MPEG-DASH, considered the format of the future. 

If you, like many content owners, work with either HLS or DASH streams as they support adaptive bitrates (ABR), you will likely have chosen a solution such as JW Player or Flowplayer which tackle HLS playback in HTML5 using Adobe Flash. If you are exploring ways to migrate to HTML5 and free your content from Flash, there is a new alternative. It is called Viblast Player - a simple solution that powers adaptive-bitrate streams in HTML5 browsers natively.

Try Viblast Player today. Free version available.