New partner in the swarm: WMSPanel (Nimble Streamer)

June 8, 2015

Streaming servers and Viblast PDN are such a good fit that we just cannot help reaching out to them. Our partnership with WMSPanel is an excellent illustration of this technology fit - their Nimble Streamer is focused on modern streaming protocols, just like we are, and is a flexible technology that is both easy to configure and to extend with Viblast PDN’s peer-assisted delivery.

Equally exciting is the positive business communication we have established with WMSPanel’s team, which is based on a shared understanding of our industry, but also shared values. 

"Viblast shows a great example of business-aware technology which can be inserted as a ready-to-go piece of infrastructure", says Yury Udovichenko, CEO and co-founder of WMSPanel. "As Nimble Streamer is a reliable foundation for any streaming infrastructure, Viblast customers will definitely benefit from using both solutions to build robust and affordable content delivery from content creator to consumer."

With this latest partner agreement, we have now built relationships with the three major streaming servers that support HLS and MPEG-DASH: Wowza Media Systems, Unified Streaming, and now Nimble Streamer. We believe this growing ecosystem takes us closer to bridging the gap between the numerous existing video solutions and be able to help navigate our clients better in the fragmented landscape of the online video industry.

About WMSPanel

WMSPanel’s Nimble Streamer is a freeware light-weight media server available for Linux, Windows and Mac. It's capable of all major streaming techniques like HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, MPEG2TS and Icecast. Nimble provides basic features for creating media paywalls such as hotlink protection and pay-per-view, along with rich reporting feature set which allows getting audience performance metrics.