Viblast Player v5.97 brings extended Firefox support

July 31, 2015

The newly released Viblast Player update brings numerous fixes and stronger Firefox support, including improved JW Player & Flowplayer integration. It is available for download today.

The latest update, v5.97, brings the following:

  • Fixed video playback under Firefox ver >= 42
  • Fixed autoplay under Firefox
  • Fixed JW Player & Flowplayer integration under Firefox
  • Fixed player freezes when seeking backwards in encrypted HLS streams
  • License is now checked over HTTPS, fixing bogus error messages when a page is loaded over HTTPS
  • Removed some misleading and ill-formated warning messages
  • Fixed downloading the same chunks twice when using the Viblast Player Dynamic API and the target video tag has autoplay enabled
  • Buffered content clean-up after pausing for a long time. This guards against playback getting behind if paused multiple times. Timeout can be specified using long-pause-timeout.
  • viblast.msp.js renamed viblast.remux.js

Another exciting update is coming up soon: We are almost ready with Flash fallback for video.js - which will also enable you to use Viblast Player in Firefox. We'll make sure to let you know.

The reason our native HTML5 player keeps improving is largely your interest, feedback and encouragement. Thank you!