Play MPEG-DASH in iOS natively

July 9, 2015

In a noteworthy release of the Viblast Player iOS SDK, users can now play MPEG-DASH streams in their iOS apps. An interesting challenge to overcome, DASH playback in iOS was among the most requested Viblast Player features, partially because very few such solutions exist.

Picture In short, the Viblast Player iOS SDK can play HLS and MPEG DASH streams using the iOS devices’ hardware decoders for video and audio. The API is similar to Apple's AVPlayer, but much simpler and can be easily integrated into existing projects using the AVPlayer. Currently, this DASH player SDK is most suitable for live streaming applications as the seek features is not yet enabled. If your main interest is in video on-demand (VoD), let us know as our development is customer-driven. Additionally, it can be extended to use Viblast PDN for the added value of P2P delivery.

For a demo of the new functionality, visit Viblast’s GitHub repository to see our example project of DASH playback in iOSAlso available for download and testing is the Viblast app in the iTunes store. It offers a ready-made example of the Viblast Player and Viblast PDN. Please note that currently, the version with DASH playback functionality is under review.

The app uses the new Viblast iOS Player SDK , which requires less overhead and has improved playback startup time. Even though this is a very simple app, you can play your custom HLS streams. For DASH streams, please stay tuned until the app update gets through.

For an excellent overview of the MPEG-DASH standard, we recommend The State of MPEG-DASH 2015 (Streaming Мedia) and we leave you with a quote from this excellent article:
“MPEG-DASH has positioned itself at the crossroads of innovation. The question for many industry actors is no longer to determine if the DASH revolution has happened, but rather to embrace its vivid development pace and tame its complexity which is also its key success factor.”