Our very subjective IBC 2015 highlights (in pictures)

Sept. 17, 2015

After being an IBC exhibitor last year, this year we decided to walk. That is, arrange meetings with our potential and current clients and partners in advance and then visit the booths of other interesting companies, without being exhibitors ourselves. It worked out really well.

One of our favorite booths was that of Viblast customer make.tv, and not at all because it was right next to the open bar. Rather, it was because they were recognized as Best of Show by TVTechnology. Their excellent demo showed off a groundbreaking technology that is opening a brand new niche in live event video coverage. We аre honored to have a small part in this, as Viblast Player is their chosen playback solution. Take a look at what they’ve done, it will certainly inspire you.

make.tv Best of Show IBC 2015

Another favorite booth of ours is that of Viblast partner Unified Streaming, who hosted several interesting talks of their customers’ implementations of their technology. There, for example, we had a chance to meet the person behind this crazy architecture of NPO, the Dutch national television:

Unified Streaming booth NPO IBC 2015

A welcome break from the exhibitor-visitor dynamic was offered by DASH IF with their reception at the Heineken Brewery. We got a chance to mingle with the people shaping the promising new standard, look intensely at attendees’ badges and strike conversations with companies we follow and quietly look up to. Incidentally, soon we intend to become a DASH IF member ourselves.

And us, well, we had some really energizing meetings and even managed to enjoy a couple of beers in the grand city of Amsterdam before flying back (straight) to the office. Fun was had by all, now let’s get back to business.

Amsterdam 2015

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