Viblast PDN wins best Delivery Network

Sept. 4, 2015

Viblast PDN won in the Delivery Network category at this year’s European Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards. The other finalists in the category were Arkena Content Delivery Network and Ericsson Media Delivery Network and the winner was elected by an online vote earlier this year. Our hybrid delivery solution was also a finalist in the Best Streaming Innovation category.

Streaming Media Readers' Chocie Awards winner

We are very excited to have been distinguished in precisely this category, seeing it as a sign of the intuition of the online video world. An intuition that hybrid delivery (centralized + peer-assisted) will become the norm, not the exception.

Viblast PDN is not a content delivery network (CDN) in the typical understanding of the term. Rather, it adds value to existing delivery solutions (CDN/in-house deployments), seamlessly complementing them by “taming” the last mile. In short, Viblast PDN adds a P2P layer to existing delivery infrastructure, extending its capacity, while improving its performance. We believe this is the future of online video delivery, and the only currently available viable answer to handling the load 4K video will bring upon CDNs in the near and mid-term.

Many thanks and hi fives to each one of you who voted for us!

The Viblast Team