Viblast Player becomes free!

May 17, 2016

As of May 9 2016 Viblast Player is completely free regardless of the number of viewers and impressions. And, unlike the previous free version of the player, the current one has no Viblast Player logo in its upper left angle. Thus, you have the full functionality of the player at no cost.

For those of you who need advanced support, we have updated support plans. For more information, go to the pricing plans on our website.


This is only part of the good news - we also have a brand new customer portal with some amazing features: it has Viblast Player Visual configuration tools and is extremely intuitive and easy to work with!

Sign up and discover all the other cool features that make Viblast Portal one of the best ways to manage your streams! And, since it is still in the process of development, we can assure you that there are going to be many more great things to come!

Meanwhile, keep streaming and stay tuned for more amazing news about Viblast! Read our blog and follow us on Twitter!