5+ steps to understanding how Viblast Portal works

Sept. 28, 2016


The aim of this section is to explain why we decided to build the Viblast Portal - it is because:

  • With Viblast Portal our customers and users can manage their streams in a much better way - through beautiful visualizations and many useful tools

  • They could reach all the information they might need fast and easy

To help you understand Viblast Portal better, we decided to write an article, describing all the steps you need to go through to create and manage your stream in the best way.


Step 1: Registration

First, you need to add your name, email and company. Shortly after that you will receive an email from us with a link to confirm your registration and set your password.

Step 2: Add a domain

After this, immediately after you’ve logged in to the portal, you will be asked to add a domain, i.e. to fill in a domain name or IP of your website in order to play watermark-free videos on this domain. In case you don’t do this, you will notice a bright blue message on the top of the page with a reminder and a button that refers to the page where you can add your domain for free.


Step 3: URL

After this you should prepare URL of either a DASH, or an HLS stream to test with the portal and go to player configuration. An important note: The streams should be CORS enabled.


Step 4: New player config

Go on the top of the menu and click the button “New Player Config”. Paste your URL address in the stream panel and view your HTML code by clicking the button on the bottom of the section or scrolling down. Make sure that you have tested the stream and there were no errors.

You can check the special advanced options section for more advanced settings that will allow you to do fine tuning of each stream - such as: ABR Control, Buffer Control, DRM Settings, Audio Settings, HTTP Control, PDN Settings, and Monitoring.

Step 5: Test

Get your HTML code and test with your own pages. The HTML code can be reused on any pages and any streams. You don’t have to go through Step 4 for every stream you have, it’s sufficient to do it once.

In addition:

You can explore the whole portal - the dashboard where you can see and manage all your streams and stats, your account section where you can see when your license is due to expire as well as manage your users. You can download all current releases of Viblast Player for free, as well as Viblast native iOS SDK and Viblast Android PDN SDK.


We hope that this article will be of use!

If you need any further information, please, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].