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Viblast PDN

Extend your streaming infrastructure with
peer-assisted video delivery.

Viblast PDN adds a P2P layer to your delivery solution. No plugins.
U.S. patent-pending status

Broadcasters solution

You need insurance against viewerships spikes? You want to stream to your subscribers with 2x better video quality and with up to 70% more efficiently?

Enterprise solution

You need to stream seamlessly all-hands meetings, webinars, and online trainings? Leave buffering and video lags in the past and improve substantially your enterprise network - reach up to 98% optimization in a group of 100+ viewers!

How it works

Viblast PDN is a smart transport layer for video content streaming that complements and extends the traditional server-to-client model. It uses a decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) approach for fetching the stream.
While the server (CDN or in-house alternative) is the primary source, if there are other clients watching (peers), Viblast PDN will fetch the stream from them whenever possible and offload the server.
Viblast PDN does not require any client-side plugins to operate.


Viblast Core features
Core features
Peer-assisted delivery
Live streaming support with HLS & DASH
VOD support with HLS & DASH
Adaptive bitrate (ABR) support
Intelligent network management
Mobile support - iOS & Android SDKs
Encryption & DRM agnostic
Viblast Integration
Complements existing infrastructure
Extends any modern CDN service
Works with most popular streaming servers
Cloud-based or self-hosted
Native HTML5 MSE video support
Works with video.js player
Viblast Reporting
Video analytics
Customer portal
Viblast Support
Forum & documentation

Browser support

IE 11 / Edge
Windows 8
Opera Android
PDN optimization
HTML5 video playback native n/a n/a

*Where HTML5 is not supported, Viblast PDN seamlessly falls back to Flash

Level 3

P2P-optimized live and VOD delivery

MPEG Dynamic Adaptive
Streaming over HTTP
  • Live streaming
  • VOD
  • ABR streaming
HTTP Live Streaming
  • Live streaming
  • ABR streaming
  • Encryption
Digital Rights Management
  • Microsoft PlayReady
  • Google Widevine
  • Multi-DRM
by Inplayer
  • Paywall
  • Donations
  • Data Capture
  • E-Comm

Frequently asked questions

Things Viblast PDN is not...
An encoding solution, a CDN, an OVP, a load-balancing solution and a streaming/origin server.
What is the cost of not using Viblast PDN?
Without Viblast PDN, you are most probably not delivering the stream with the best video quality and QoE your infrastructure can provide - while paying for it. Without Viblast PDN as an insurance, your live event or online meeting, is more vulnerable to service outages.
I have licensed third-party content. Do you protect my content and my obligations to the content provider?
Viblast PDN is a transport layer powered by WebRTC, which means it does not interfere with the end-user’s content and data in any way. It is DRM-agnostic.There is no extra copyright risk introduced by using P2P delivery to distribute your content to your audience, whether paid subscribers or free viewers.
Can you guarantee uninterupted delivery?
We cannot provide delivery guarantees as Viblast PDN is not the main and only delivery solution - it is a hybrid solution that extends and optimizes your CDN or in-house delivery solution. The technology can only improve on your current quality of delivery and will not introduce additional risk of service interruption. In that, the service agreement you have with your provider remains your guarantee and is unaffected by your use of Viblast PDN.
What kind of technical support do you offer?
Our documentation, forum and blog articles are freely available. In addition, we offer three levels of paid support. For detailed info, please visit Viblast Portal . To reach the information regarding Viblast PDN support plans, navigate to Billing/ Viblast PDN on the left-side menu.