Viblast Broadcasters PDN

Handle viewership spikes. Stream to web and mobile audiences up to 70% more efficiently.

With Viblast bPDN you can

Multi-platform support
Insure against spikes
The peer network builds a naturally scalable shield against service outages during viewership peaks.
Optimize bandwidth usage
Improve viewer QoE
Give your viewers better video quality (higher bitrates), fast loading speeds and no buffering.
Optimize your resources
Reduce the load on your centralized infrastructure, be it CDN or in-house streaming servers.

Our solution

The red color shows the traffic through the CDN when Viblast bPDN is off.
The blue color shows the traffic through the CDN when the bPDN is enabled.

Customer testimonials

"I was impressed by the innovative technology from the moment I first met the team at IBC 2014. I've been using Viblast bPDN since August 2014 and have achieved up to 45% bandwidth optimization, even though my viewers are located all around the world, which is far from optimal for peer-assisted delivery."
OTT subscription service client, USA
"We have been running our online TV subscription service with Viblast bPDN for over a year now. The technology has been stable and achieving consistent optimization. We were especially pleased with the ease of integration. It never caused any issues and now we feel confident in using Viblast bPDN."
Jordan Vichev, Co-Founder

Frequently asked questions

What is your competitive edge?
Viblast bPDN can offload your centralized network infrastructure with up to 70%, while substantially improving the viewer experience. The mobile SDKs (Android and iOS) extend the solution beyond the web to multiple devices. Integration requires no infrastructural changes or heavy investment. The technology is equally lightweight from the viewer’s perspective, as it needs no plugins and is essentially invisible. Lastly, relying on the latest technology, Viblast bPDN is not only current, but also future-proof.
How safe is the bPDN for end-users?
It doesn't expose their device to any additional malware/virus risk
Does the geographic dispersion of my audience matter?
Yes, proximity does matter, as well as how well a particular geographic area is connected to the Internet. The closer and better connected your viewers, the bigger the optimization is going to be.
Does Viblast bPDN introduce additional playback delay?
No. It works within the delay inherent to the HLS and MPEG-DASH protocols.
How does Viblast bPDN work in inhomogenous environments, i.e. where viewers use many different devices and platforms?
Viblast bPDN is designed for work in a heterogenous environment - those platforms and devices that support P2P get connected, while viewers on non-supported platforms simply download the video from the centralized source.
Do I need to replace or change my existing streaming solution / content delivery network (CDN) to use Viblast bPDN?
No. Viblast bPDN is a hybrid solution that integrates with and extends the capabilities of your existing infrastructure. This allows you to switch the solution on or off if needed and easily revert to your original method of delivery. Simply put, all you have to do to integrate Viblast bPDN, is to add a single Javascript library to your HTML.
What is a typical integration scenario?
Typically, our clients first do a pilot integration with a demo stream in a stage (test) environment, which could be prepared in a matter of hours. When satisfied, they set-up Viblast bPDN, with our assistance if required. Depending on the complexity of a client's streaming needs and their priorities, this normally takes between a few days and a week.
Do my viewers need to install any third-party software/plugins?
No. Viblast bPDN is invisible to the end-user. Thanks to WebRTC, the peer connections are established on an inter-browser level, which removes the need for a plugin.
Does it matter what player I am using?
Yes. Viblast bPDN works with players utilizing the HTML5 video tag (such as video.js). Support for other players can be commissioned.
Do you support VoD?
Yes, for HLS and MPEG-DASH content. Some concurrency in viewing is still needed for optimization to occur. Viblast bPDN's biggest strength, though, lies in live streaming, where you can avail of the technology's full set of benefits.
What is Viblast bPDN's capacity (how many simultaneous viewers can you handle)?
The Viblast bPDN technology is capable of serving hundreds of thousands of viewers. The server-side is a distributed system that can operate on multiple machines and is capable of handling high loads.
How do firewalls affect Viblast bPDN?
Some firewalls prevent peers from connecting; however, Viblast bPDN works fine with most. If you would like to be certain whether your firewall will be a blocker, setting up a test stream is free and takes no more than a couple of hours.
Is Viblast Analytics available for both web and mobile video audiences?
Does Viblast bPDN work on set-top boxes (STB)?
Yes, if they are based on Android (v4.2 or higher). Please, note that at the moment we do not support closed-platform STBs such as Roku.