Viblast Enterprise PDN

This is how it usually works with the common approach.

See how beautifully it works with our
Peer-assisted Delivery Network

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Better performance
  • Network offload - 98% in a group of 100+ viewers
  • Scalability - our solution works well both with 10 viewers and with 500 000 viewers
  • Higher QoE - better video quality, fast loading speeds and no buffering
Fast implementation
  • Zero hardware - a complete software defined solution
  • PoC in a day - with minimum effort on your side
  • Effortless integration - just copy and paste a few lines of code on your web page. No need for your employees to install exe files or plugins
  • Security - 100% secure thanks to HLS AES-128 encryption support
  • Monitoring & Analytics - visualizes and stores real-time data about viewers and their quality of experience
  • and more!

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Frequently asked questions

Things Viblast ePDN is not:
Viblast ePDN is not an encoding solution, not a CDN, not an OVP, not a load-balancing solution, not a streaming server and NOT Viblast bPDN.
Things Viblast ePDN is:
Viblast ePDN is a streaming solution for enterprises which need to stream video content to their employees. It adds a distributed P2P layer to your existing network infrastructure and allows your viewers to share resources among each other.
What is the difference between Viblast bPDN and Viblast ePDN?
In the broadcasters case (Viblast bPDN) the topology of the network cannot be known. For Viblast ePDN to work as designed, the service must be configured with information about the topology of the network which is impossible in the broadcasters’ case. Thus, Viblast ePDN can optimise the corporate network up to 98%.
What are the benefits of using Viblast ePDN compared to other similar solutions?
It decentralizes the central load of the enterprise network while saving the complexity of changing the network infrastructure. It offers better network performance, fast implementation and requires no plugins, no third-party software and zero hardware.
What kind of technical support do you offer?
Different SLAs are available. Please, contact us at [email protected]
Can I use Viblast ePDN instead of Multicast?
Yes. Viblast ePDN offers a great alternative to multicast - peer-assisted video delivery. Thus, you are able to work with common streaming technologies stack without network bottleneck issues.