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Viblast Player

created by the Viblast Team

Video playback of HLS and MPEG-DASH streams
for HTML5 & mobile. P2P capable.

No plugins, Flash fallback if required

With Viblast Player you can:

Improve viewer experience
Unlink yourself from Flash & its issues and move to native HTML5 playback instead.
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HLS Playback
Simplify your setup
Extend your current player with native HTML5 playback of HLS or DASH. One stream, all platforms.
See HLS demo
Go future-proof
Choose a player that already works with MPEG-DASH and supports DRM.
See MPEG-DASH demo
p2p Viblast pdn
Stream smart
Use P2P-assisted delivery to improve viewer QoE and handle viewership spikes.
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Our straightforward player brings HLS and MPEG-DASH playback to HTML5








Live and on-demand content


Hybrid delivery mode with P2P

Viblast Player feeds media streams to the HTML5 <video> or <audio> tag, which makes it extremely easy to use. You can view it as an extension to the standard HTML5 video/audio functionality that allows the media element to play HLS (the most widely-used live streaming format) & MPEG-DASH (the promising up-and-comer). Viblast Player also supports audio-only HLS streams.

After v6.06, Viblast Player became the only existing player of its type to offer hybrid delivery mode functionality, that is, to have an on/off switch for peer-assisted delivery.
It integrates seamlessly through a JavaScript library - no plugins needed. Flash fallback offered via video.js if required. Viblast Player also supports VAST via video.js. Lastly, Viblast Player does not bind you to a particular design. In fact, it does not come with any pre-defined UI elements, giving you full freedom.

Besides ABR playback of live and on-demand content, Viblast Player also has DVR functionality. If you are interested in securing your video content, the player supports encrypted HLS and DRM-protected DASH streams.


Viblast Player enables MPEG-DASH & HLS playback on the following browsers and mobile platforms


all versions

Internet Explorer

IE 10+


Opera 27+


Safari 8+


all versions



Viblast Player with
Chrome Firefox
IE 11
Windows < 8
IE 11
Windows 8+
iOS Opera
HTML5 / MSE native
video.js framework with Flash native SDK
Viblast Player uses MSE to enable the HTML5 video tag to play HLS and MPEG-DASH natively, without any plugin. Besides with custom HTML5 players, it can be integrated with embeddable ones such as video.js, boosting them with powerful HTML5/MSE playback functionality.


Viblast Player takes HLS streams and smoothly plays them in any supported browser, see supported platforms.

Video source:
Viblast Player supports the following HLS features:
  • Live and on-demand (VOD)
  • Adaptive-bitrate streams (ABR)
  • Audio-only HLS streaming
  • AES-128 & Sample-AES encryption.


DASH streams are no problem for Viblast Player - it plays them in any supported browser, see supported platforms.

Viblast Player supports the following DASH features:
  • Live and on-demand (VOD)
  • Adaptive-bitrate streams (ABR)
  • DRM-protected streams (Widevine, PlayReady & multi-DRM).

Video source:


You are looking at one of the very few existing solutions that tackle DASH playback in iOS.

Viblast Player's iOS SDK supports the following features:
  • Native DASH and HLS playback
  • Live video streaming
  • VoD functionality (seek, etc.)
  • Adaptive-bitrate streams (ABR)
  • Easily extended with Viblast PDN
Contact us if you are looking for additional features.

Download, It's free!

As of the 9th of May 2016, Viblast Player is free! Sign up to download.

We also provide paid support. Take a look at our pricing.

Support Plans

Viblast Player
billed annually
billed annually
Starts from $1200/month
Regular updates
Ticket submission
Priority bug fixing and feature requests
Response time two business days one business day custom
Technical account manager
Integration support custom
Offline key for a single domain
Offline key for multiple domains
We are available from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (GMT) Monday through Friday!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is HTML5 playback not supported on all browsers and platforms?
For this to happen, Viblast Player needs the browser to support HTML5/MSE and H264. Older browsers like IE 10 do not support them.
How do you go around using a plugin?
By making good use of HTML5, the MSE and web worker APIs, Viblast manages to deliver better video playback without the need for Flash or any other browser plugin. Ok, we pulled a few js tricks as well. Due to popular demand for Flash fallback (for Firefox & IE), we added this functionality via video.js integration.
Do you offer player UI customization?
Currently not. One of the strengths of Viblast Player is in that it allows you to design the player as you wish or integrate it with an existing one. We can also recommend using video.js - a customizable open-source player.
Which codecs are supported?
Viblast Player supports H264 for video and AAC for audio. MP3 is not supported in HTML5, so be aware if using HLS streams with MP3 audio.
Do you integrate with other players such as video.js?
Yes, we currently have video.js support. If you are interested in integration with other players, please contact us.
Is VAST supported?
Yes, we support VAST for implementations using video.js .
Do you support subtitles and closed captioning?
Viblast Player works with subtitles and cc when they are specified in the video tag as a track element.
What does "created by the Viblast team" mean?
Viblast Player is developed by the same team that created Viblast PDN, the award-winning P2P video delivery solution. Viblast has 5+ years of experience delivering and playing video.
I am using a Flash player for HLS playback in the browser. Why should I switch to Viblast Player?
The reasons are manifold. HTML5 playback has to offer better video quality, ease of use by the developer and more security. Thinking long-term, Viblast Player offers a straightforward way of upgrading to MPEG-DASH. Read more.
What about Viblast Player for Android?
If you are looking for native playback, you can use the ExoPlayer SDK, which is also what we do for Viblast PDN for Android. If you want to use WebView or you need browser support, you can try with the JS library of the player.
What about HLS/DASH playback on mobile devices?
HLS/DASH playback is currently supported on iOS devices. To acquire Viblast Player for mobile, contact us.
How can I update the registered domains where I use Viblast Player?
You can do that from the Viblast Portal.
Viblast Player is free, are there any limitations?
No, Viblast Player comes with its full functionality. The only thing you have to do is to register in our web portal and define the domains you plan to use it. When you try to use Viblast Player on domains not in the list, the logo will appear.